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Atta (Golden Wheat Flour)

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   Relish the goodness of some awesome recipes this season:

  • Atta Laddoo (A whole wheat sweet for the Dessert)
  • Eggless Atta Cake (A Dessert that is good for you! Yogurt, Cinnamon, Nuts & Whole-wheat Flour- make for a healthy tea-time cake)
  • Apple Crumble with Atta(A perfect navratra delicacy {plus} The goodness of raisins & coconut)
  • Atta Biscuits (Crunchy Treat out of Atta, Sugar & Cardamon)
  • Atta Halwa (Come Rain or Shine; we love this simple & speedy recipe. A Quick fix for your sweet cravings)
  • Baati (Rajasthan’s local favourite; Dough deep fried in ghee, served with Dal)
  • Baked Karanji (Whole wheat & Semolina Dough parcels stuffed with almonds & raisins. Baked and Dipped in Honey)
  • Chapati (The classical part of the Indian Main-Course ;served steaming hot)
  • Gulgule(Thick Batter made out of Atta, Saunf & Gur- Deep Fried in Ghee)
  • Missi Roti(Made from wheat & gram flour-cooked over direct flame)
  • Mathri/Suhali(Steamed or Fried dumplings of Flour Dough seasoned with fenugreek, chilli powder & Turmeric.
  • Aloo Bonda/ Aloo Ki Tikki (A Tea Time Snack! Mashed Potato deep fried/pan fried ; served with tangy green chutney)
  • Ragi Malpua(Traditional recipe from ragi flour, atta & oats. Wholesome & Guilt Free)
  • Whole Wheat Cake(Atta+ Jaggery + Healthier+ Crunch of Walnuts)
  • Atta Walnut Cookies(Crispy cookies with whole wheat flour+ coffee aroma+ walnut crunch)


             All with: “Sri Gulab Atta

                Eat Fresh, Be Healthy !!


100% Premium Quality Wheat is procured directly from the golden fields of Madhya Pradesh. Raw Wheat is then processed to give whole wheat Atta. We believe in milling it fresh. Unlike the consumer taste; oriented along the rich creamy colour of rotis ; we believe in retaining the fibre content of the wheat. Best Quality wheat is Golden Coloured & thus Rotis made out of “Sri Gulab Atta” retain the goodness of fibres making it more digestive & tasty. They remain deliciously soft for long. Relish the "Good Old Taste" (plus) Be Health Happy !! 

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