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Lal Mirch (Red Chilli) Powder

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Red chilli powder can set the taste buds on fire, and sometimes the tummy too! It is basically a spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chillies that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder. It is generally used to add spice to otherwise bland foods.

• Chilli powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine to make foods spicier.
• Used in moderation it adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavour to dishes without making it unpalatable.
• Include in any pot of beans or with baked corn and casseroles.
• It can be used to make marinades for paneer or sliced vegetables.
• It adds a wonderful spicy touch to tomato-based sauces.
• Chilli powder has a long shelf life. 
• Store away from light and heat in airtight containers.  
• Chunks of asafoetida can be added to retain its freshness.
No Artificial Colours. No Added Flavours. 100% Organic Masala. FSSAI Regd. Product.
                                                All With: SRI GULAB RED CHILLY
                                                       Relish the Spice of Purity
                                                      Eat Fresh, Be Healthy !!
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