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Sattu (Roasted Gram Flour)

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(1 kg)
Quality Guarantee:100% Pure Chana Sattu
Content:Added Cumin Seeds (Jeera)


Delve in the pool of Exotic food options this Summers:

"Good Health(+)Happier Tongues"

  • Sattu Drink(Try it with; Fine-cut Onion+Lemon Juice+Salt+Water)_"Its Lip Smacking" ;) [The Summer Drink]
  • Sattu Paratha(with Curd) [The Breakfast]
  • Litti(with Chokha)/ Baati(with Dal) [The Meal]
  • Rajasthani/Gujarati Sattu Sweet [The Dessert]


Happy Summers!!

Sattu is a traditional staple food of Bihar. By the years, it has evolved into a "Powdered Health Beverage" cum Energy Drink. It has got the Desi Tag of "Indian Horlicks" being nutrients abound in its natural form. Chickpeas(Chana) are eminent Proteins in themselves. Roasting thereof helps retain Nutritive Value,adding only to the Shelf Life of the flour. Sri Gulab Sattu (Thats our Brand) therefore is a 100% Natural Protein Supplement

We Endeavour to Mill it Fresh. Chickpeas are directly procured from the largest growing belts across India. Assorted Chickpeas are then sand roasted & finely ground giving that home made hygiene to the Flour. Added Cumin Seeds not only enhance the flavour but are also rich source of Iron. We thereby ensure "The Good Old Goodness" of a hand chakki flour in every single pack. Every Glass of Sattu Drink brimming with Dietary Fibres gives you a refreshing Lip Smackin' experience. An Excellent summer drink & a coolant for your stomach. Its a "Great Filler(minus)The Bloating" leaving you light & energetic.

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